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Cindy femme rocher de naye lac léman vue randonnée montagne

Who am I ?

Question of a lifetime ...

I have moved to so many places, worked for so many different organisations, have been involved in different life situations, relationships, family stories...


And each time I was a bit of myself. However, I am not the same person as yesterday, and I will not vibrate with the same energy tomorrow.


I create myself each and every single day. For the majority of these days I am an incredible happy and enthusiastic person. Each day I materialise ideas, dreams and thoughts. I love playing with the elementals of consciousness.

Would you like to taste what it looks like to create a life of ease ?


Are you willing to be the creator of your days ?


Ready to connect to your inner gifts ?


When you are ready, contact me, I will be here for you.


With a lot of joy !

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Cindy Stucky


"Cindy is an exceptional person for her listening, her kindness, and her professionalism. My hypnosis session was a real discovery, a journey, I felt a real well-being. The result was beyond.  of my expectations. Having tried several methods before this hypnosis session, I was amazed. I highly recommend her ".

-  P. Cachera

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