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Massage femme dos visage main huile bien-être cindy

Massage, a touch made
with love

These full body massages are ideal for those who are new to this experience, are sensitive to touch or have a lot of tension.
awareness is given on muscles, bones and tendonsThe techniques include deep circular motions, kneading and wrapping mouvements for a sustainable well-being.
The homemade massage oils are heated to body temperature to provide a soothing moment of calm and serenity.

How does a massage session unfold ?

For what purpose ...

The body is the very essence of this moment of peace and pleasure. The person is lying on a heated massage table wrapped in a towel. I adapt the touch to the person's body and focus on the parts which require the most attention. For those who are mentally very active I usually extend the massage to the head and to the feet. Naturally, I follow the shape of the body: back, shoulders, arms and hands, stomach and legs. Even though the work is centered on the body, it is also beneficial in releasing situations of stress, anxiety, depression and other emotional blockages.

- Gives the body a moment of well-being

- Strengthens the musculature

- Relieves body tensions

- Improves skin elasticity

- Increases the sensations of the body

- Balances physical and emotional health

- Gains inner harmony

How much does a session cost?
1 session (60 min) CHF 120.-
1 session
  (90  min) CHF 180.-
10 sessions (60 min or
  90  min) CHF 1'200.- or CHF 1'800.- and get 1 free massage !


I welcome you  in English, uf Switzerdütsch, auf Deutsch or en Français

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