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Therapeutic Walk - 50 min

What is a therapeutic walk


1. A space for yourself where you can talk to someone you trust

2. A moment when one feels listened to and understood with kindness

3. An opening towards new possibilities to be seized

When and where ?

Every Tuesday and Friday in Lutry and approximately according to your availability. 

Every Thursday in Echarlens and Bulle according to your availability.

How much is a session worth?

How much would you be willing to invest to allow yourself to live  a life of ease , joy and possibilities  ?

Therapeutic Walk - 50 min

  • TWINT + 41 78 762 12 90

    IBAN Cindy Stucky BCV Lutry
    CH38 0076 7000 T542 7283 9

    En référence insérez : votre nom + adresse email ainsi que le nom du produit que vous souhaitez recevoir.

    Merci !

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