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Hiking, another state of being

What do you perceive when you are in a natural environment ?
Is it luxurious ? Is it a loophole ? Is this a
gift that you give yourself regularly ? Is it a source of peace and calmness for you?

Not a single day goes by where I don't ask my body to go for a ride outside, wether it is raining, snowing, the sun is shining or not, whether I know the tour or not, whether I am alone or in company, Nature is constantly changing and I simply love evolve with her.

Since a very young age I am learning by observing the Nature :
from the
diversity of being
 to the phenomena of the earth, from geolocation to the management of time, from decoding the signs of life to confidently leading each step ahead and above all perceiving how possibilities emerge at each crossing.

The regions of La Côte, Aubonne and Lavaux I know by heart.

Having lived many years in the cantons of Valais, Geneva and Fribourg, I gladly take you on my regular tours .
As I love to venture beyond the beaten track, I could easily suggest you a hike in the Gantrisch National Park (BE), or on the panoramic Pilatus path (OB / NW) or even a tour by bike on the Rigi (SW). What else ?

My great admiration goes for Graubünden where I feel different and so adventurous.

If you like to suggest your project and see how, together, we can create a great and glorious adventure, let me know.



Hiking, is it for you?

For what purpose ...

Does Being in Nature soothe you, give you energy, bring you more clarity?

Some like to hike because they exert themselves physically, they get to challenge themselves, others because it allows them to stop thinking , to escape, to discover magnificent landscapes.

How do you enjoy hiking ?
Do you prefer to be
 or to pave the way ?
Would you like to receive
ideas for hiking ?
You are looking for a 
traveling companion ?

Which environment is right for you ?

What is your extra when hiking: photos, animals, a good alpine tart ?

How does a trip look like

How does it work ?

1. We determine together what would be a great tour for you: duration, physical level, geography, for what objective, with whom and when ?

2. I send you all the planning and the circuit plan a few days before the trip.

3. Meet and hop ! Let's go for a moment of pleasure and discovery.
4. The return is usually made with
 stars in the eyes and banana in the face.

The tour can be organized in English , en français, uf Switzerdütsch oder auf Deutsch   
in group or alone, with your partner, with your family or with your team 
with or without the organization of a transportation ,
  of an  activity , a  lunch or a dinner.

What is the price of a tour?

CHF 120.- to CHF 350.-

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Agenda des randos

Devenir membre

bord du Lac Léman nuage photo adhésion randonée amoureux standard

STANDARD CHF 120.- vous offre :

  • Pendant une année entière participez à toutes les randonnées planifiées gratuitement.

bord du Lac flumserberg photo adhésion randonée amoureux curieux premium

 PREMIUM CHF 230.- vous offre :

  • Toutes les randonnées

  • 20 % de réduction sur votre premier stage

  • 20 % de réduction sur votre premier massage

bord du Lac Léman montagne lavaux cully nuage photo adhésion randonée amoureux excellence

EXCELLENCE CHF 450.-  vous offre :


  • Toutes les randonnées

  • 50 % de réduction sur votre premier stage

  • Un massage gratuit

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